"kARATE - Way of the Spirit," Fiction E-Book!


Mr. Horatio Baugh

Secondary-Career-Signed-Author to Novum Publishing!


Surprise Karate Readers..

Today I want to offer you my first e-Book,
entitled, "kARATE - Way of the Spirit,"
Fiction E-Book!

Its about Karate.. adventure.. well
just read the first TWO CHAPTERS FREE!
.. if you enjoy the story ..

Pre-order NOW!

Price: £2.99


you might be cautious about spending £2.99
therefore we are offering you a discount
of £0.56 off the e-Book!..

That's less than £2.50 for a life time of
enjoyment! Right?

The Karate Reader Saver price is: £2.34!!

Who will read the e-Book first and know
how the adventure starts...?

You will not be charged until the e-Book
is ready..!

Take your seat and enjoy the First TWO CHAPTERS

Open your web-book-browser and start reading
by clicking the link below:


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